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your wedding cake and your menu

Posted on November 26 2012

The Elements Of A Themed WeddingThemed weddings have become a popular choice in recent times. Once considered a somewhat tacky alternative, they have undergone a renaissance in the last few years and themed weddings now provide for a stylish and elegant wedding style.If you are considering a theme for your wedding, here are some important considerations:Choosing your theme: Weddings are all about personal style and taste cheap dresses . They are after all, all about the two of you so your wedding theme should be along the lines of something that interests you both. If you both like a certain period in history such as medieval or maybe the 1930's, then try to center your theme around that dresses on sale . Maybe you both like sailing and have chosen the local yacht club as your reception venue, then you can incorporate a nautical theme into your celebrations.Write down a few ideas but before you decide on the final one, read through the rest of this article as your choice of theme could depend on the ease on which you can pull it offColors: For some themes you should stick to authentic colors associated with your theme. A 1920's theme would incorporate black and white as this was a key look at the time. A medieval theme would feature rich colors like burgundy, forest green and royal blue.If you find that the associated colors will not work for you and there are no other obvious alternatives, then you may have to consider a different theme. However , if authenticity is not that important to you then take some artistic license and coordinate your own color choices, just make sure they will suit the scheme first - a winter wonderland theme in hot pink and brown just doesn't workDecorations: Can you decorate your reception to sufficiently do justice to your theme? Would the cost of pulling off the whole look take you way over budget? The reason wedding planning advice says to choose your wedding theme at the start is so you can coordinate all the fine details to it. Trying to work it the other way around is impossibleFor some themes decorations are easy and in plentiful supply, for others more research may be required. Scour the internet for resources and ideas on your preferred theme and do the same for another theme idea as well so that you have a plan B to fall back onVenue: Your choice of venue can make or break your theme. For some any venue could suffice and can be decorated to achieve the desired effect. Other themes require a little more creative thinking. Take the Medieval theme for instance, here a forest setting or a ruined castle would be suitable venues fashion dresses . A Victorian ballroom is not.Attire: Themed weddings can call for an element of ‘fancy dress' for them to work, but it really depends on your theme and how far you are taking it. For an Asian themed wedding, many brides would forgo the traditional Asian dress but instead look for something that perhaps alludes to it - kimono sleeves or a large cummerbund style bow perhaps. If you want to go the whole hog then you will need to look for so called theatrical style wedding dresses which are often based on period costume styles. Another option is fancy dress hire shops or having your garments custom made.If you have chosen a period or historical theme then do some research first in to the style of garments from that time, also look at colors and accessories, as well as hairstyles.Finishing touches: These can range from wedding favors, invitations, entertainment, your wedding cake and your menu and beverages. Again do some research and think outside of the box, especially if at first an idea is deemed unsuitable for a wedding.Themed weddings can be tremendous fun not only to plan but also to attend. By being creative, bold and personal you can achieve a fabulous wedding theme with all right elements.
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